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What is Imagination?

Progressively plotting and painting a potential page by page forecasting of framework for a solution to problem you wished to solve is processed consciously but only now I know that both the problem and the resolute pages are factually realized first imaginatively.

Until conscious continues to compose I cannot progressively imagine because the results of rapid generation of successive assembly of ideas are native, produced randomly where the mind have to chew and throw up a pudding of evocative avocational sporadic pieces of pictograph like elements which are never there before and never will remain later. …

As quirky as it might seem, the phrase has put itself to much usability that it has become friendlier to much of the language and theoretical if not practical domains of academic, sociologic(al), technological boundaries of all explaining or mansplaing in it’s day to day usage. We do not immediately recognize its usefulness but it chimes well and sits almost in every context of human adjectives and objectives but very little we ponder about it’s whereabouts and quest it’s object oriented origin or derivative.

Here we shall look and interact upon the definitive purposes of computer based coinages or design…

While this Goliath turned the times miles and miles moving further away from tyrannical carts of historical bullies that chained the man to move a mammoth of blocks mercilessly building monuments to typical cycle chains to chainsaws that liberated him to make than be made by monarchy anarchy.

Tyrannically again, the bullied by again, the man again is by the wheel again. Man made is making the man mean once again. Take away the wheel where shall he go but by heel.

The ‘tool' remained a silent counterpart until it became a better half. Locomotives are only a test to…

I suddenly remember now as a split minute ago that I came to this choice by no chance.

I have been choosing this for lack of choice.

The 'tool' which I now remember very effectively is quite the obstacle in actually trying to do the very basic of all things of things we make do or make believe.

The deception here of course is that we cannot adapt to a chore because it involves volunteering against our will. …

Reinvention is a contextually dubious terminology where it can project the idea of progress or pejoratively discourage non original innovation. Think "copycat".

The derivative of the word may not offend someone right away but the idea behind the acronym is 'do not redo'.

In the age of information, hypocrisy and hyperactivity hinge to each other. Things are organisationally cyclic and repetitious activity attain result. The cog wheel of human chain in the industrial clock work retains this concept.

The wheel was never really reinvented, but what the wheel really invented was the industry.

Form did not meet the function. The…

An Intro

The other day…

  • I like the quotes on productivity a moment ago.
  • I like that I stumbled upon this podclss# which is relevant to the task I’m working on.
  • I remember that I enjoyed watching that cutest animals clip on #yt a while ago.
  • Don’t know if I enjoyed my morning cup of tea this Sunday.
  • Didn’t get to read the #nppr yet.
  • I find the doorbell especially this moment very annoying.
  • I find this app really useful. #workflowy


  • I naturally went back into my mindspace. It was clear that these inset of tasks and attenuations have urged me…


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